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As described in our Privacy Policy, we collect personal information from your interactions with us and our website, including through cookies and similar technologies. We may also share this personal information with third parties, including advertising partners. We do this in order to show you ads on other websites that are more relevant to your interests and for other reasons outlined in our privacy policy.

Sharing of personal information for targeted advertising based on your interaction on different websites may be considered "sales", "sharing," or "targeted advertising" under certain U.S. state privacy laws. Depending on where you live, you may have the right to opt out of these activities. If you would like to exercise this opt-out right, please follow the instructions below.

If you visit our website with the Global Privacy Control opt-out preference signal enabled, depending on where you are, we will treat this as a request to opt-out of activity that may be considered a “sale” or “sharing” of personal information or other uses that may be considered targeted advertising for the device and browser you used to visit our website.

If you would like to opt out of activity that may be considered a "sale" or "share," or "targeted advertising", please submit your email.


Opted-out successfully A problem occurred, try submitting your email again To opt out of the “sale” or “sharing” of your personal information collected using cookies and other device-based identifiers as described above, you must be browsing from one of the applicable US states referred to above. function getUrlParam(paramName) { var queryString =; var paramsArray = queryString.split('&'); var paramValue = null; for (var i = 0; i < paramsArray.length; i++) { var param = paramsArray[i]; var keyValuePair = param.split('='); var key = keyValuePair[0]; if (key === paramName) { paramValue = decodeURIComponent(keyValuePair[1]); break; } } return paramValue; } function submitOptOutForm() { document.getElementById('pc--opt-out-form').submit(); } function showSuccessMessage() { var successMessageh3 = document.getElementById('pc--opt-out-success'); var successMessageEle = successMessageh3.getElementsByTagName('span')[0]; var email_address = getUrlParam('email'); var successMessage = email_address ? '<span>Opted-out </span><strong>' + email_address + '</strong><span> successfully</span>' : 'Opted-out successfully'; successMessageEle.innerHTML = successMessage; = 'flex'; } function showErrorMessage() { document.getElementById('pc--opt-out-error').style.display = 'flex'; } function showNotApplicableMessage() { document.getElementById('pc--opt-out-not-applicable').style.display = 'block'; } function setupForm() { const formContainer = document.getElementById('pc--opt-out-form-container'); = 'block'; const returnTo = document.getElementById("pc_return_to"); returnTo.setAttribute("value", window.location.pathname); } function loadFeatureCallback(error) { if (error) { throw error; } if (canOptOut()) { setupForm(); if (getUrlParam('success') === 'true') { showSuccessMessage(); } else if (getUrlParam('success') === 'false') { showErrorMessage(); } } else { showNotApplicableMessage(); } } function canOptOut(){ const api = window.Shopify.customerPrivacy; if (api.unstable) { return api.unstable.saleOfDataRegion() } return api.getRegulation() === 'CCPA'; } function ccpaOptOutLoader() { window.Shopify.loadFeatures( [ { name: 'consent-tracking-api', version: '0.1', }, ], loadFeatureCallback, ); } ccpaOptOutLoader(); function optOutOnLoad() { var optOutSubmitButton = document.getElementById('pc--opt-out-button'); var optOutForm = document.getElementById('pc--opt-out-form'); optOutSubmitButton.addEventListener('click', function (e) { e.preventDefault(); if (!optOutForm.reportValidity()) { return; } if (document.getElementById('hcaptcha')) { hcaptcha.execute(); } else { submitOptOutForm(); } }); }